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Awake In Love

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A Project
for the Community
by the Community

What is the Awake in Love Project?

We believe in heart-opening practices that move us toward seeing all souls as family.

We believe it takes a village. 

We believe in the balanced energy of giving and receiving.

We believe in safe spaces to connect, heal and empower.

We believe that love is the most powerful force in the world.


The Awake in Love Project lives in our classroom which is located just upstairs from our henna studio. The project's intent is to offer a safe space for community to give and receive. Anyone in the community has the opportunity to teach a class or share a passion as long as it falls under the umbrella of promoting connection, healing and empowerment. The offerings  so far have included yoga classes, new moon circles, book clubs, Talk Story Nights, oracle readings, a self-love series, financial wellness conversations, and so much more.


All offerings are donation-based/ pay-what-you-can/ barter-based, which allows for accessibility to all.


Please consider attending one of our offerings. 

Or consider sharing your gifts. Connect with us to get on our calendar. 

Together we rise.

About The Awake in Love family:
The Awake In Love project was born in 2020 while Anita and her family were living in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. There they found their soul-family, which included Fernanda and Juan Pablo. Awake in Love, Mexico was Fernanda's dream and she brought it to life. She raises the vibration with yoga, meditations, kirtans and other spiritual offerings that are derived from ancestral wisdom. Fernanda and Juan Pablo are currently also growing a beautiful, eco-friendly community outside of the city where they hold spiritual gatherings to "awaken in love". Please check out for the radiant energy of our sister project in Mexico. 


The USA counterpart of Awake in Love was born shortly afterwards in Kona, Hawai'i on Febuary 14th, 2021. Its focus is also to spread the vibration of awakening in love, with a focus on intention-setting and empowering youth. Anita's inspiration came from heart-opening experiences in her classroom at Abraxas Continuation High School (Poway, CA) where the stories of her students moved her to a deeper opening of the heart. Many of her Abraxas family members are members of the Awake in Love Project family. They support youth wellness in a variety of ways:



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