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Visit our location:
79-7393 Mamalahoa Highway
In Kainaliu, Hawai'i



studio and classroom




Our Mission:

We offer a safe space for

connection, healing and empowerment. 

We believe we can rise to

to higher expressions of self

through community connection,

practices such as intention-setting and

by tapping into ancestral wisdom.

 We are fueled by love.

Hennasphere has two inviting spaces:  

a henna studio that evokes the magic of the moon

and a classroom that radiates the vibes of the sun.  

We invite you into these safe spaces.

The Studio: We adorn you with henna at our studio. We also offer you the opportunity to engage in the spiritual and transformative practice of intention-setting. By placing a word of intention onto your skin with henna,  awareness of  your intention is raised and it grants the power to level up toward a higher expression of self.


The Classroom: We offer...

-a space for events

-classes and circles for connection, healing and empowerment

-academic tutoring that nourishes the heart and mind

-offerings for upliftment led by us and community members (such as yoga and other classes on our calendar)


Check out our calendar page for upcoming offerings.


About Anita:

Anita is a teacher, artist and the owner of Hennasphere. She revels in the connection that comes from gracing others with the art of henna with intentions, especially her students. Her focus is to provide youth with tools to thrive and find peace. 

new and full moon circles
henna in Kona pregnancy


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