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Healing and Happiness Projects

Hennasphere is raising the vibration and passing henna along from one heart to another. Our past endeavors:


Henna Club at Abraxas


Hennasphere Meditative Arts and Wellness brought the meditative art of henna to

Abraxas Continuation High School to heal, connect and empower.

Photos below are done by students.


Guadalajara Project

We have had the pleasure of working with Centro JOCE, a center for adults with disabilities. The center spreads joy and love through art and inclusion. This center is run by our dear friends who understand that LOVE is always the utmost priority in life.


We have also collaborated with Centro Comunitario San Juan Bosco, a school for children who live in poverty or have extreme behaviors that make it difficult for them to be included in the traditional school system. This school is run by a strong woman named Elvira who embodies the word LOVE in her every action.

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