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About Anita and Hennasphere

Guideing Principals

  • be kind to our sphere - respect the Earth

  • give back to our sphere - understand our interconnection

  • create a sphere around yourself - allow for pause to ground, breathe and reflect

  • turn to the meditative arts for healing

A little story about these spheres...


My wise aunt once told us a story when we asked her how we could be happy in a world where so much poverty, crueltly, and sadness exists... She said, "You must create a small circle around yourself. Fill it with friends. Fill it with positivity and love. Fill it with beauty. When you are surrounded with a beautiful world of your own, your own inner sphere, you can then step into the spheres that surround it and give to others." As I move from the circle of myself, towards the outer circles that encompass my family, my friends, and beyond, I envision ripples in water that that spread beauty and radiant energy.

Meditative Arts and Wellness...

Hennasphere is a big bang of my two passions - art and teaching. I've watched what henna has brought to me over the years, primarily peace and connection.

PEACE - Henna is a "meditative art" that brings about calm in me and in the recipient. When I do henna, I am peaceful and the art flows through me rather than from me. I am a vessel as I'm guided by something larger than myself. And that peace is transferred through energy.

CONNECTION - Through teaching henna, I am giving students a tool for healing. Students experientially learn how to use meditative art forms to shift to a calm state. We all can find our meditative art by looking for those activities that put us in a flow state. And when we find it, we raise our vibration and that of those around us.

What do we mean by 'wellness'? We mean clean living: eating sustainably (non-GMOs, organic, etc.), exercise, laughing, singing, and learning to live with right values and respect for ourselves, others and our Earth. 



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